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Commercial Cleaning Services in Dallas, TX

There’s no substitute for immaculate cleanliness and that’s what Eco-Friendly Systems LLC delivers. From once-a-month residential visits to daily cleaning for large office and retail properties, we’re your top choice for professional-grade cleaning in Dallas (and surrounding areas) with affordable prices.

Dallas' Best Commercial Cleaning Service

When you need a janitorial service or cleaning for your commercial facility, Dallas’ own Eco Friendly Systems is the right choice for you. Based in Dallas and serving all major cities in Texas, we serve people in the surrounding 300-mile radius and provide commercial cleaning, janitorial work, carpet cleaning, and valet trash pickup for apartments and communities. We also offer strip and wax services. Turn to us, and our professionalism will impress you!

We Provide

  • One-time or recurring visits
  • Trash Valet Pickup
  • Vetted & background-checked cleaners
  • Scalable to your budget
  • Keep the same cleaner for every visit
  • No job too big or too small to handle
  • All cleaning materials and equipment
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
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Why Use Our Green Commercial Cleaning Services?

We’re a Top-Rated Company

We have a total of over 100 years in combined experience in cleaning all types of commercial property and real estate, including government facilities, hospitals, churches, warehouses, schools, day care centers, movie theaters, offices, event centers, and more. Our crew can tackle just about any cleaning job that comes their way, and we have a quality assurance supervisor who does inspections at your location on a weekly basis. Working with a CRM system, we have the capability to dispatch our teams efficiently, delivering the quality services our customers deserve.

We Can Handle Any Job

Not only does Eco Friendly Systems service the city of Dallas (and surrounding areas) as well as the city of Addison, we have many years of experience and all sorts of commercial property real state. We have experience government facilities, hospitals, warehouses, schools, churches, day care, movies theaters, events centers. We can tackle just about any cleaning project that is thrown our way. We offer quality assurance supervisor inspecting customer locations weekly. Our CRM system that helps guide are quality services for our customers.

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When it comes to gauging a complete and effective cleaning and sanitation solution, from a cost perspective, it is important to ensure the accuracy of all costs involved.

Tired of Complaints or Overwhelmed with Micromanaging Vendors?

We’ve got you covered! With Eco Friendly Systems you can rest assured knowing that we are consistent with our quality and service.

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Natural Cleaning Products

We feel good about cleaning with commercial grade natural products that are better for the environment but still get the job done

100% Safe & Natural

We use all natural products that combine high concentrates of pure organic essential oils with quality plant-derived ingredients.

We Care About The Earth

All of our packaging, bottles, cleaning equipment, even our uniforms come from recycled, fairtrade or low impact origins.